Right to Education

Da Vinci Learning launches HD educational channel in India - The Economic  Times

“An investment in the knowledge pays the best interest”

what is education ?

The Right To Education (RTE) In Karnataka | RTE In Karnataka

Education is the process of facilitating, learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Education is learning usually by the means of school or college. It can be viewed as the transmission of views, thoughts and knowledge.

what is right to education ?

All You Need To Know About Right To Education (RTE) - A Fundamental Right

‘Right to Education’ provides free and mandatory instruction for kids in the range of 6 and 14 in India under Article 21(a) of the Indian Constitution.India is one of the 135 countries which provides RTE as a fundamental right.

Each person is qualified to have better training without any barrier.

  1. A mandatory free elementary school instruction for each kid.
  2. Secondary school must be accessible to everybody – states must work towards giving this for free.
  3. Advanced education must be similarly available, with nations moving in the direction of the objective of making this free.
  4. Central training for the individuals who passed up grade school ought to be supported and accessible.

Why education is important ?

Education makes man a right leader. It accomplishes this by bringing him information from the outer world, instructing him to reason and familiarizing him with previous history, so he can be a superior appointed authority of the present.

What are the salient features of RTE ?

  1. School and social planning.
  2. Getting those out of school.
  3. Re-organization of teachers.
  4. Filling vacancies.
  5. Complaint redressal.

Who are qualified under RTE?

Children of families falling inside in Economically weaker section class (EWS), are qualified to look for affirmation under the RTE Act. The method of RTE affirmation shifts from state to state.

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