Nature’s Rule

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“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”

In the whole universe, our earth is probably the only planet that has all the essential components for the survival of an individual. Since the start of the human race, we humans have always worked for our greed. Not only in the food chain but also in the whole universe, humans have considered themselves to be the mightiest.

  • We made nuclear bombs, rockets, missiles even after knowing that these would do well to none but only cause destruction.
  • We did industrialization which temporarily benefited us but today it is one of the most serious concerns for mankind.
  • We created automobiles to make our transportation simpler but today this is the biggest reason behind air pollution due to which the world loses approximately seven million individuals annually.
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Today we are at the verge of finishing our natural resources and very near to destroy our mother earth. According to United Nation’s latest tally, we humans now only have eleven years to recover our environment otherwise the conditions would be harsh enough to vanish the very existence of humans.

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Even after all these life lessons the pandemic has taught us, it is still hard to believe that humans would change. Probably this would never happen but today when we all are sitting at our homes and worrying over things that we would do once the lock-down ends, there is one thing we all have learned is when it comes to being the mightiest, there is no one mightier than the Mother Nature.

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